Moneyball- an emphasis on the corporate culture of sports — Blogs 14 and 15

A star-studded cast. An experienced niche director. A revolutionary concept in sports. Moneyball illustrates the roots of data and statistics in baseball that helped shape the new perspective of player evaluation that rampantly stormed traditional perspectives of many sports around the world. An expert adaptation of Michael Lewis’ book, Moneyball, albeit presented in the dramatic portrayal and classy performance from standouts Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill. Seymour Hoffman’s character plays an important role in criticising the work of ‘Moneyball’, which serves well as the professional criticism that Billy Beane had to endure before this concept had led to fruition.

The film proves to be a masterpiece in many aspects. Aside from the spectacular acting performance, Moneyball provides to be a directing masterclass of simplicity and elite visionary of the top directors. Miller, not a household name but certainly an eye-catcher in film festivals, demonstrates the impact of film technique on conveying the underlying message of persistence and setting beyond societal expectations to achieve greatness, which he himself embodies. Miller directs with comparatively low budgets, yet attracts some of the biggest stars in his films, given the nature of his expert directing and formation of unique messages. Likewise, Moneyball is indeed a movie that embodies his principles of directing that conveys the struggle of an individual achieving greatness in the sporting field, albeit from the side-lines.